Wellcoast is a venture that has been created to ensure that our coastal waters are protected and the ecosystem with it. Through liaison with Governments and other agencies we aim to improve global awareness of areas that are at most risk around the world.

In doing so, we strive for enhanced collective learning and debate across different scientific disciplines, geographical scales, and coastal contexts, which can inform coastal governance and policy processes. Our members span academic, civil society, consultancy, and policy making sectors from across the globe.

This whole initiative has been brought back to life, as we share the same desire as previously raised by the original creator. Our Seas are becoming polluted and the research and environmental reports are being ignored by some world leaders. We want to help make a difference and want as many people to learn about these important issues.

New initiatives relating to the Wellcoast

Bellagio Initiative, led by the Institute for Development Studies (IDS) Brighton, starts a global debate exploring the future of philanthropy and international development. Funded by the Rockefeller Foundation.

Key Concepts

Social Wellbeing

Interactive Governance

Ecosystem Services

Social Ecological Resilience

Research – Building Sustainable Government

Governing Small Scale Fisheries Project

Wellfish Project

Previous Workshops

Workshop 1 – Chennai, India

Workshop 2 – Sri Lanka

Workshop 3 – Chennai, India

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